Public Liability Coverage

“£5 million coverage for £59.50 a year”

Basic stallholders insurance, in the form of public liability coverage, is not a legal requirement but is usually required by market managers and event organizers.

Public Liability Coverage

Members of The Stallholders Club enjoy complimentary public liability coverage up to £5 million that will cover costs that spring from your legal liability if a member of the public or another stallholder is injured or suffers damage to their property as a result of your negligence. An example might be if your stall were to collapse and cause injury to a member of the public, or if someone tripped over a cable, or anchor line. An injured party would need to demonstrate that you’d behaved negligently, but it is easy to see how valuable this cover could prove if someone were to be injured.

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Who Requires Public Liability Coverage?

Nearly all of the organized markets, craft fairs, antique bazaars, and county shows require stallholders to have valid public liability insurance.

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